At Redzone we believe in the power of people. Given the right tools, methods and leadership support, your work force can rise to the challenge and make leaps in performance.  Our entire company is focused on achieving this outcome with mid-sized food and beverage and CPG companies. Our efforts are not diluted by attempting to be ‘all things to all men’; we do not serve all sectors, nor is our product ‘one of many’ lost in a portfolio of other non-related technologies that don't support this mission. Everyone in our entire organization wakes up every day focused on this single outcome and it works; in terms of speed of deployment, adoption, ROI, productivity uplifts and a positive impact to the workforce. We consistently deliver and we outperform.

Headquartered in Miami, FL with offices in Los Angeles, CA and Birmingham, UK the leadership team at Redzone have spent their entire careers deploying technologies within manufacturing plants to enable better performance. Going back 25 years to the emergence of CMMS technologies supporting TPM strategies, to early web-based OEE technologies supporting lean manufacturing initiatives, the Redzone leadership team have been at the forefront of these emerging technologies. This experience allows us to capitalize on the systemic benefits of this latest wave of technology, allowing us to bridge the gap between technical potential and actual behavior change necessary to make results 'stick'.

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