OEE management

Introducing Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) alone has little impact on plant performance.

Measuring losses do not make them less costly; seeing comparisons between lines, shifts and plants is helpful but does not solve problems. Results happen when OEE is managed not just measured. Results happen when people take action and respond in real-time. Redzone is built to make that happen from day 1, so your team is ready for this now!  

The best plants put OEE to work before losses mount up. Alerts and actions flow to iPads effortlessly and get done. Losses are a fact of life; but now teams react systematically; moving the efficiency needle quickly.

No more complex automation projects to capture OEE!
The familiar story of MES Automation projects could make any plant leadership team think twice. Months of disruption, electricians wiring, technicians programming PLC’s, engineers and contractors fitting costly HMI’s and the prospect of budget over-runs. Redzone’s automation platform changes all that; it is a ‘Black Box’ data logger that pulls data from any PLC, sensor or relay to the Redzone database in the cloud. Data is converted to manufacturing intelligence on the iPad and deployed out to the worker right away.

One week. Plug in. Switch on. Plant wide. It really is that fast!

Features & Benefits

  • Ready-to-go, shop-floor-friendly Production System that can be used within minutes, social style interface makes it virtually ‘training free’.
  • Visual factory management in multiple formats from mobile devices to large LCD screen outputs.
  • Real-time performance dashboards support various metrics including OEE, throughput, downtime etc. across the entire value-stream.
  • Top loss & pareto analysis of performance, availability and quality losses.
  • Units/pounds per labor hour displayed in real time & managed.
  • Production schedule attainment and real-time run progress reports align production and demand planning departments.
  • Line teams review and adjust performance mid-shift reducing unnecessary product loss and ensure smooth product changeovers.
  • Performance can be compared between SKU, shift, run and crew
  • Simple automation interface means ‘in-house’ teams can manage the data logger and rollout to lines and plants quickly and independently.


Continuous improvement management

Redzone is the first Production System that automates all continuous improvement activities and connects everyone in real-time, leveraging social technologies.

Embedding continuous improvement methods including tools from the Toyota Production System; Root Cause Analysis, Fishbone Diagram, ‘5 Why’s’, and tailoring them for the needs of a food & beverage plant, brings order and discipline to an organization’s improvement efforts.

Replace arduous paper-based Kaizen events with automated capabilities that establish, track and schedule tasks to the teams and connect the dots between improvement actions and financial returns. Track how much opportunity remains to be realized against each Kaizen and accelerate actions on high priority projects.






Features & Benefits

  • Dashboard shows all Kaizen event status in real-time, allowing teams to manage multiple events at once and ensure actions are impacting with a financial benefit.
  • Tie Kaizen events to empirical data to drive problem solving rather than ‘gut feel’
  • Gain visibility and control over all continuous improvement activities that are occurring across the plant network to include goals, team leads, action progress, due dates and completion date.
  • Ensure teams are addressing the true root causes of issues and not jumping straight to solutions via Fishbone Diagrams and 5-Why’s.
  • Engage the entire work force in the improvement process and rank solutions based on likely impact.
  • Attach documents, photos and other supporting information and build the A3 outbrief in real-time.
  • Create transparency and competition between lines and plants giving visibility of % cost saving goals.


Redzone’s forum capabilities provide a structured way of reviewing performance data from hourly shop floor huddles to daily, weekly, monthly review points.

Forums contain pre-configured content and structures to keep the teams focused on the right information at the right time and introduce action cycles that become the life-blood of the plant. This multi-layered approach to feedback and review ensures shop floor teams and business leaders are accountable to each other for action and review and teams are always focused on performance.



Features & Benefits

  • Establish clear goals and alignment through interlocking forums.
  • Bridge the disconnect between leadership and work force.
  • Improve morale (and OEE) as operators feel part of the solution.
  • Introduce action and meeting cycles to improve accountability.
  • Operators join in with their ideas and issues linked to forums.
  • Enhance shop floor communication with in-built work flows.