Collaborate to fix problems and unite the workforce.

Consumer style social technology makes adoption fast and easy and addresses the #1 challenge when trying to drive change - frictionless communication. By giving your teams a voice, the workforce are able to contribute to their ideas to solve their own problems on the floor, while allowing leadership to recognize great performance and the right behaviors. Redzone enables the workforce teams to collaborate, escalate and improve through news-feeds, work-chats and alerts.


Access everything a connected shop floor team needs, on the move.

There are very few jobs that demand the use of mobile technology more than that of manufacturing shop floor teams. Your teams require critical production information and real-time data at their fingertips, no matter where or when, so they can solve issues fast. With Redzone, your plant floor workforce, supervisors, managers and executives can access Redzone from their mobile device anytime, anywhere. Unlike traditional technologies that have been 'ported' to mobile devices via web browsers (resulting in a dissatisfying experience to the user) Redzone is the first native application built to be entirely mobile, to support the workforce in the day to day activities in a way that feels natural.

Action Management

Redzone’s action management is the thread that joins all the dots.

Social networks typically share news and communication between people, but Redzone also uses this technology medium to interweave the team’s activities and allocated actions, providing control and visibility across the entire operation from shop floor to the management layers.

Action workflow capabilities are embedded across both productivity and compliance components. It is only by taking action that improvements can be realized and is a core element of the Redzone technology. Kaizen actions force the execution of tasks that will ensure solutions are implemented in a timely manner to address the root cause of problems. Track completion of actions and use standard reporting to drive ‘action burn down’ meetings.

Business Intelligence

Rapidly create and deploy sophisticated analysis to smartphones, tablets or PC’s.

In addition to Redzone’s standard suite of reports that come ‘ready to go’ in the app, all Redzone data can be reported on via a business intelligence layer. For customers with their own BI tools simply point to the pre-configured data structure or alternatively use our baked in business intelligence solution. The Redzone business intelligence provides sophisticated ways to create, share and analyze information with anyone and on any device. It is an interactive business intelligence suite that allows the generation and deployment of sophisticated manufacturing dashboards without any prior technical knowledge or experience.

The suite is simple, fast and uses cloud infrastructure to automatically update summarized data repositories which is then used to provide a comprehensive suite of standard dashboards, designed by our team of experts.


Let Redzone manage the technology, while you run your business.

Traditional on-premise MES technologies are cumbersome, expensive and prone to complexity. With complicated software stacks, servers to maintain and manage, it requires a team of experts to install, configure and maintain these traditional platforms.

Cloud computing eliminates these issues. Instead of managing applications in-house, they run in a secure data center resourced by experts. Once configured for your organization (which only takes days) you just login and start using it. And since upgrades are done automatically you don’t need to worry about ongoing maintenance issues either. Security and data protection are our #1 priority at Redzone and that starts by ensuring that we do not store highly sensitive information (i.e. HR information, financial data etc.). By using dedicated servers for each client, end to end encryption (HTTPS) and industry best practices we ensure the technology is not only convenient, but also more secure than an on-premise environment.